Thursday, July 4, 2013

Story Time....With Bloody Bobby & Friends!

Happy 4th of July! 
We hope today you find your stars bangled and senses wrangled with eyecandle colorkrankle!!!
Bip pop bipipip bop BOOSH
Clickety clack chik chak chok chok ptrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtr cHA! 
CHAHHHHH!! !!!  ! ! !         !     !            ! ! ! !  !           !   !     ! !        !
Deet doot DOOOONK! PAAA! 
CHicka cHA! cHA!!! HAHAHAA!

Remember, this is exactly what you do for us in the rest of the Youniverse, when we see you unapologetically unleash your talents. We are entertained by you when you gift a true and sincere representation of what really excites you the most. It inspires us to revisit our own passions that we might have forgotten we once revered. So thank you for that. Imagination thrives even greater, the more we feed it a bunch of "YES". 

You/We are the fireworks, YES?

A recent discovery has been made, as we have had the honor of coming across an extra-ordinary video online! Its amazing to think that Black Pumpkin Pictures was first inspired by the urban legend of Bloody Bobby and now so are these young folks! I would definitely say that their sincerity and love for their craft shines through. The more you re-watch, you will notice more levels and textures involved! We got a big kick out of the ones we found! Thank you thank you thank you for this creation and thank you for adding your fireworks to this Independent (film) Day!!!!


Monday, July 1, 2013

The Pumpkin Is Carving Into A Jack-o-Lantern

Hello, Curt here, aka Reggie Griffin.
There is some great news happening behind the orange curtain over here and we are happy to share it with you as soon as the time comes. In the meantime, there is other information available! In my last blog entry, I put a poster saying Bloody Bobby will be finished and ready by the Fall of 2013. This is not the case. The real story is that as long as this momentum continues to build, we will ideally start shooting in the Fall of 2013. If this news caused a disturbance in the force, I apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate that you've been monitoring our progress and all of the great art you've sent in for us to display on our Bloody Bobby Facebook page!

Ryan is doing a tremendous job inventing up premises for 2nd and 3rd episodes already. As you watch this movie and if you pay attention to names mentioned, chances will find these characters may showing up in Screamquels (yes, sure it was inspired by the Alvin and the Chipmunks word "squeakquel" but what the hecksters, right?). I always liked that about the Star Wars films, where they mention Jabba the Hutt in the first two, and THEN we get to see what he looks like in Return of the Jedi. This inspires mystery as well as anticipation and Iam honored to be a part of a project that would enable such epiphan-ated behavior!

There are also these handcrafted little Bloody Bobby voodoo dolls which will be some of the various intriguing incentives given for donating to our future crowd-sourcing fundraise-aganza. Ryan has been creating them like a madman, as well as talking to product placement folks. There are so many unknown factors yet to emerge, yet we feel confident that, just as we have done in the past, we will continue juggling these new aspects with grace and gentlemanly behavior. Each cogwheel of the Black Pumpkin Pictures team is a specialist at what they do and to have these kinds of gears moving the project along really gives us confidence in the manifestation of its existence.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bloody Bobby Director Anthony Hall

Anthony Hall’s motion picture production experience spans over two decades.   He has written multiple screenplays including the award winning MUD SEASON, which also earned Mr. Hall several best director awards.  He has a BA  in Art and Medieval History from the University of Massachusetts as well as a Producing Fellowship from AFI.  His work has been screened around the world.  His next film is set in Northern California and he is developing a screenplay that will be shot in South Africa and New York.

Mr. Hall believes that filmic storytelling is the most powerful communications tool mankind has ever developed.  With it we can cross cultural divides and bridge linguistic barriers that would otherwise isolate us.  It is also a great form of entertainment.

Anthony explains a little about his new project. "The interesting thing about BLOODY BOBBY is that it is a reflection of some of the pervasive ills which haunt our society.  Little Bobby Maxwell is a ten year old boy who is so horribly hazed by his so called “friends” that he plummets to his death on Halloween night. The magic of the story happens when he comes back to life 25 years later and visits the grown ups that the hazing children have become.  What is interesting is how they all react to Bobby, who it turns out, hasn’t aged a day.  But he has become stronger, in fact he is so strong now, that the town of Fall Creek Valley has something to look forward to once a year – the return of little Bobby Maxwell.The story is a metaphor of the history of the United States."

For More Information:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Breaking the Seal of the Official Blog by Curt Clendendin

Black Pumpkin Pictures is pleased to announce our brand new blog!
Various Masterminds behind this project will be periodically updating this. 
Today it is from me, Curt Clendenin, who plays Reggie Griffin.
A lot of news has been happening with the pre-production of "Bloody Bobby", our first film (based on the urban legend of the Fall Creek Valley Massacre).

Our Facebook page is filled with tons of amazing concept art and creations by the audience who has been encouraging us over the past couple years.

The Official Website has all kinds of stuff on it for you to get caught up in its rabbithole.
We will soon begin a fundraising campaign for the movie on a brand new site (less than 2 weeks young!) called FundAnything! Donald Trump puts his stamp of approval on it! Its interesting because about 10 years ago, an idea struck me.... "Why doesn't a bazillionaire like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, etc put together their own movie production company and start entertaining the masses?" 
A couple of years later, Trump made Apprentice and now he's got this website and isn't it intriguing that here we are in the current situation collaborating with his new fundraising company to make this independent horror film?
Did I predict our own future? uture? uture? uture?!

Some folks know about the Zach Braff controversy brewed up on Kickstarter.
Unlike him and his associates, the collaborators of Bloody Bobby have neither the resources, household name, rich friends nor credits that Zach & Co have working with them. 

However, we are passionate in our visions, experimenting with a simple premise that anyone can indeed make their dreams come true, particularly when others cooperate along with fertilizing its genes. When ego-less minds and open perspectives dream a dream, everything is possible.

 The idea is that by being a success story to our friends/family and everyone else out there who witnesses/participates in growing these roots into forests, who knows what will happen next (Just as I predicted collaborating with Donald Trump, Iam going to going to give you this lofty vision/insight of its FutureNOW...)? 
We can imagine these major reverberations waking up your own talents/passions, re-igniting your hot air balloon ideas, and giving you a trust in your dreams like you might not have experienced before. You will break out that old journal/diary that was hidden in the drawer and spill your inspirado wavicles, dust off that camera you received for your Birthday and decide that today is the day you begin your Award-Winning photo essay, unleash your bicycles from the garage and go for a ride with your families, re-tune your Mother's electric bass...the spiral will spinspinspinspinspin all the way along the Fibonacci cyclone, as the creation of your imaginations into reality inspire your friends and family to do the same! Our story of accomplishment becomes your story of accomplishment.

The audience becomes the observers to their own echoes. They gain a satisfaction of knowing that their positive vibes manifested the idea to life. They are the engine behind the Frankenstein Monster. We are inviting these kind of occurrences to frequently surprise us and everyone who is plugged into the joy of it all will experience it together. 

Keep your antennae open for more updates on this blog and anywhere else "Bloody Bobby" or "Fall Creek Valley Massacre" might be mentioned on the interwebs, as we will unveil more as we encounter it during our discoveries.